Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week of May 25 & Pesticides in our Produce

Monday - TT for Fatloss WorkoutB
HR max178/ 141 avg

Walk home 41:59 169/ 139bpm - 347cals

1:15:10sec 223/157 - 765cals

Tues- bike/ light cardio (went with JP- it's great cause if I wouldn't have gone today if not for her. I won't turn down a workout if she asks)
HR Max 174/140bpm

Wed- walked to/ from work
HR Max167/ 132avg

HR Max173/145avg

Thursday- TT for Fatloss Workout A + JumpRope and Step up TabatasX3 + HIIT (sprints @1% incline 8.0- 8.8mph)

HR Max 188/150

CHIN-UPS- 2 repsX 3 sets! OH YEAH!!! (have to do these at the start of my workout otherwise I can do like. 0.5)

Saturday TT for Fatloss Workout B + QuickFeet step-up Tabatas X3 (no time for HIIT today)
HR Max 185/146avg

This was a quick and dirty workout. JP had me on limited time schedule. This was slightly annoying since I dislike starting a workout and not finishing it. Somehow feel like I copped out. SIGH! Next time I'll be sure to ask how long she has. Better than not working out I suppose.

So last week, in total
10 workouts (or just exercise planned)
Cals burned 3375. I should really start weighing in everyweek with measurements like Julie does.

Link o' Da Week: 47 Fruits and Veggies ranked by Pesticide Use:

Top of the list being VERY BAD!!
Tweeted about this last week, but it's so important. Print out a copy and put it on your fridge! If you're on a budget like me, buy only the top 5-10 in organic. Not eeeeeeeeverything needs to be organic, but replacing the worst will certainly help!

Another thing I think is useful is knowing what fruits and veggies are in season and when, to further help cut costs of organic f&v. Check out this link for oregon (pretty close to me)

Stay healthy!!
xo cath

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

My experience with BJJ was z-e-r-o and when I heard that my former Kickboxing coach (more like cardio kickboxing) was putting on a month of free BJJ classes for women, I decided to try. It's a martial art that interests me, partially because of my Japanese ties, but mostly because it's something totally different than anything I'd ever tried. BJJ is my coach's true passion and you could tell from the class how much he loves the sport.

We did alot of drills practicing how to fall on the matt, lots of hip drils and movements and we learned a couple of moves & how to put them together. Lots of time spent practicing with a partner, then we were able to watch coach and his assistant grapple so we could see what the real flow of a match would be like.

Before class I was feeling:
-nervous (that I wouldn't be able to do it)
-anxious (what if I get my arse kicked?)
-apprehensive (Do I really want to get that close to someone?!)- strange how much personal space means to you, then at the same time, how quickly that feeling goes away when you just drop that fear.

After class:
-totally pumped! What a great martial art! Self-defence! Body Chess! Leverage, not strength...
I CAN DO THIS! Cool! It's amazing what little strength you really need to actually get out of a position!
-convinced that all the feelings I had/ have before the class are the reasons why I SHOULD try this out!

I had asked my twitter buddy (and MMA fighter) @JimmyVo for some info on the sport and he pointed me to a blog post of his.
I have to admit, at the time I read it (before I had class) I didn't quite understand it all. After seeing the art, being down on the matt, I get it. Well, obviously I don't "GET" it, cause I've only been to one class, but I can put context to the info now. Thanks for the info Jimmy :)

I had tried to surf for info prior to class, and while there's no shortage of YouTube videos and sites, I really think it's something you just have to TRY.

Check out this link for a woman's perspective on BJJ:
Some pretty insightful stuff!

I'm quite sure it's something I want to continue! :0)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week of May 18 + The Importance of Tempo

Monday - TT for beginners (did this one with JP for support) + HIIT squat jumps
HR Max179/146 avg

I love having a workout buddy! I'm hoping that all this exercise will turn her into a junkie like me! LOL

Wednesday- BOOTCAMP!! I decided that I needed to kick it up a notch, so I joined a local bootcamp for women. It was fun I guess, the worst and best part was the measuring. It FORCED me to do it. Sigh... not fun. But it's not supposed to be, is it? It's only 4 weeks, we'll see how it goes. But anyway, check out these stats!! HOLY COW!!!
HR Max 209/ 168avg

It was definitely intense. Not sore today (thurs) but that's because I worked out again with JP. Add to that... my PINK GYMBOSS timer came today so I can do all sorts more Intervals!! :) YAY!

LOL- I had to contact the instructor because her caliper measurments for me had me at 13% Body Fat! LMAO- if I was that fit (not to mention the fact that's like Olympic Athlete BF%) I wouldn't need to go get sweaty with 20 other women!! She took them again on Sat and lo and behold... I'm more like 18.1% waaaaaaaaaait a second, even that seems weird. SIGH- those tests are so inaccurate!

Inches Measurements:
Upper Arm left 11"
Upper Arm right 12.5"
Chest 37.5"
Waist (bellybutton) 32.5"
Hips 38.5"
Buttocks 41.25"
Upper Thigh left 24.5"
Upper Thigh right 24.5"

Caliper Measurements (OUCH did this hurt)
Tricep 10
Tummy 8
Thigh 24

Body Fat and Weight
Age 32
Weight 166lbs
Body Fat % 18.1
Fat Weight 30.1
Lean Mass 135.9

By this weirdo calculator I'm still within an athletes' BF%... hmm... it suuuuure doesn't feel like that. I don't even know what a good goal weight is for me. How's that for messed up? Trying to reach a goal I haven't even defined. SIGH. I was once down to 148 (before I met DH and gained "happiness" weight) and I don't think I was done losing. I was running 3 miles a day/ 5 days a week though, I'm done with the endless cardio. Plus, I was skinny fat with no muscle, no thanks. I need to do some more research to find a good goal weight.

Ladies- any ideas? How did you decide your goal weight?

Saturday - BOOTCAMP! (forgot to turn off my monitor till I got home, so the stats are slightly skewed- but I did ride my bike so...)
HR max 197/ avg 155

As tough as these bootcamp sessions are, I'm never sore the next day. What's up with that? From the calories I burn it's not like I'm not working hard, and I try not to wuss out so what gives?

Link of the week- The Importance of Tempo during your workouts
For a relative amateur like me, I found this article pretty useful. Turbulence Training lists tempo's for workouts and since I had no idea why or how...

Also some great info about breathing and rest periods. Maybe it's all stuff you know, but if not, pretty basic info we should all have! :)

Week of May 11 + Jillian Michael's PodCasts

Tues workout- TT original B + HIIT (20min)
HR Max 179
Avg HR 147
HIIT- treadmill7.5 mph @ 4% incline

Thursday- TT original A + HIIT (20min BIKE)
HR max191/ 157avg

Saturday TT Original B + HIIT (Jump Squat Intervals)
HR 181/ 150avg

These Jump squat intervals were intense. And OMG my calves were sore the next day!! oooouch! But a nice change from the usual!

Link of the week:

I had no idea that Jillian Michaels had her own weekly podcast! Thanks to Becky for the link!
Anyway, I know with JM you either love her or hate her, but I love her. Yes, yes, she absolutely MURDERED proper form on a couple of her "Trainer's Tips" but still, you can't deny her passion for fitness and health. And the fact that it's always a black team member who wins... come on, you can't argue with that.

Anyway, here's a link to JM's radio show/ podcast that she does every Sunday.

The page is NOT well laid out, neither is finding the darn podcasts but they're worth it.
Here is the link for just the podcasts for the radio station:
Then just look down SUNDAYS to find JM!

Not only is she absolutely passionate about the topics, gives good advice (and supports it with info), but she's also pretty funny! Most of the time she's pretty serious and stern with her advice, so it's like she's givin you an ass kickin through your speakers!! :) Her no-nonsense/ excuses attitude is really cool. As as her tips on nutrition, eating organic, avoiding the vast amount of toxins in our food and common household goods.
Check them out and let me know what you think!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week of May 3, 2009 + Nutrition BlogTalkRadio

Wednesday workout- TT original A + HIIT (20min)
HR Max 189
Avg HR 166

HIIT- treadmill
7.0 mph @ 4% incline (last interval @ 8.0mph (this is the fastest I've ever run!!)
30 seconds on 1.5min off
Still think I could have run faster. Will hit it next time.

Thursday- TT Original B + half-assed HIIT on the bike
552 cal
MHR 184
Avg 158
Not the best I could have done today but I was trying to coach someone on the side while doing my workout. Not a big deal, I'm more than happy to do it. Inspiring her to workout more would be better than ANY calorie burned :)
Realised today that I can do HALF A CHIN-UP!!! Holy Hanah! I didn't even think I could do that. Will take the advice of my twitter friends and start working the reverse chin-ups first. COOL!

Friday- HIIT
Treadmill sprints- 7.0mph @5% incline.
Max HR 192
Avg 150
I forgot to turn off my HRM so this isn't accurate. It was only 20min HIIT plus 15 min of AbRipperX

Sunday- TT original A plus 16min HIIT
Max HRM 218?!!
Avg 170
Something went wrong with my monitor here, not sure, but these bpms don't seem right, I'm never up this high.

So this week has been OK. I'm psyched that I got my sis in the gym and about my 0.5chin-up but the scale is pissing me off. I'm obviously not doing something right with the nutrition. Bitter sweet week. That's all I have to say about that.

This week I've been listening to blogtalkradio @work. If you're like me you can multi-task at work, and listening to fitness podcasts on my computer while at work has been great. There are so many great blogs/ people out there just wanting to share info. It's amazing!! Here are the ones I've been listening to this week. (some of these are pretty long- 2hrs!!) But there are LOTS to choose from.

From @sharifitness (on Twitter)
Your Most Burning Nutrition Questions Answered with Sports Nutritionist Marie Spano

Friday, May 1, 2009

TT Week 3 & Precision Nutrition

Another week of Turbulence Training! Finally feeling 100% and able to workout to my full capacity! Yay! Had some good muscle DOMS so I know I'm working hard. I am REALLY looking forward to the next workout, when do I get to workout my guns Craig?! I want toned and sexy arms for summer! LOL
And I must be doing something right because my recovery time is getting shorter. I honestly had to do a double take a couple of times yesterday 'cause I couldn't believe my HR went down so fast. Or wait... does that mean I'm not working out hard enough. LOL! whatever!!!

Just as an aside, I LOVE MY POLAR F6 HRM!! :) For some reason I find it extra motivating to see exactly how many calories I burn after working out. Not to mention the fact that my actual HR is a great motivator to push harder if my HR isn't quite there. PLUS I can log all my workout stats online and see what I've done in a week or month! Cool!

On to this weeks workouts (so far) plan on at least one more this weekend

Tues- TT intermediate work out B
544 cal
Max HR 187
Avg HR 157
HIIT- stationary bike

HIIT on the treadmill 5%incline 6.0mph 1min on 1.15min off + AbRipperX
Max HR 191
Avg 154

Thursday- TT Intermediate Workout A + HIIT on the bike
Max HR184
Avg HR 153

And now for today's link of the day: Precision Nutrition

The actual "Precision Nutrition System" sounds like a very complete nutrition program and if I were rich, I'd get it in a second! Alas... i'm not. BUT!!! There is still a TON of great information their site. Check out the blog pages for lots of good info:

By the same author, though different site, I particularly liked: 7 rules of good nutrition
Really good food advice. Now if only I would just follow through! LOL SIGH...