Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buh Bye Blogger!

Not sure if I'm the only one that was having formatting issues with blogger, but I finally had enough... I've moved! Come check out my blog at

I've copied all posts over to wordpress which thankfully saves ALL comments, categories and dates of posts! AWESOME! :) The new and improved site is also fully searchable! AWESOME!
Thanks to you my fellow blogger for reading, and following me over to wordpress.

Hope you'll take a minute and update the address on Google Reader!
The Chiquita Chronicles continue.... :)

Thanks for reading and sharing my world/ your world with me.

mua! :o)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Challenge- July Results & Goal Setting

So if you recall, I'm in the middle of a Summer Challenge with some blogging & twitter buddies.

Aptly named the "Summer Bipolar Smoked Chiquita Rabbit Trifecta" (by Mr. Funner)
Click the title for the posting of the challenge.

My results for the month of July were pretty good! -4.3lbs! I didn't quite make Mr. Funner's challenge weight loss of 8lbs, but hey, I'll take it! :) Most of my weight loss was accomplished in the last couple weeks of the month by SETTING GOALS! Not goals like "I'm going to lose XX lbs this month", but setting the ACTIONS that will get you where you want to go. Check out Mistress Laura's post on Goal Setting. While my own goal setting was much less structured, I still found it EXTREMELY useful. I will need to refine my goal setting skills, but for the moment, this seems to be working great! Planning out when and where to workout AS WELL as my meal plans was something that I was missing. Posting a week in advance INSTEAD of after, has helped me to stay accountable and keep re-updating the same post. BRILLIANT! :) Seems like something so fundamental, especially with all the reading that I do on fitness/ weight loss and nutrition... I guess I just needed to stop reading about it, and actually DO IT!!

August will prove to be a more challenging month with road trip to Montana for JP's wedding and then wedding part II in town with friends and relatives visiting. Planning will be much more difficult, but will need to be done if I'm going to continue in the right direction.

Have you set your goals for this week? month?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week of August 3 - GOALS

Last week rocked by simply setting goals and following to a well prepared plan! :) Eating Clean is proving to be the missing link in my little puzzle (DUH!) ...

So here are my goals for this week.

Remember- Your weekly goals should be the actions, not the results!!
I'm pretty good with breakfast, I've been trying to have a shake with frozen berries, spinach, oats and low fat milk which usually is enough to carry me over till lunch.
-Snacks in between meals are a piece of fresh fruit or 0.5oz of almonds.
-I'm going to continue with minimal starchy carbs

Monday- Rest Day >>DONE (he he he EASY!)
Japanese Eggplant & Tofu in Garlic Sauce >>DONE

Tuesdy- run/ walk intervals to work & Back (10k total distance)
Lunch: Leftovers >>DONE
Dinner: Spinach Lasagne (one layer of noodles only)

Wednesday- Smoke's CB TT 10X10 Challenge
Lunch: leftover lasagne
Dinner: Same? (Prepare Turkey Loaf for tomorrow)

Thursday- Kettlebell Practice? (Dare I say it? I hope to have my bells by then. AAAAH! I HATE waiting!)
Lunch: Tuna Sandwhich on whole wheat (from home)
Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf with Spinach, Basil and Arugula with Mashed Sweet potatoes

Friday- Swim Lightning Intervals
Lunch: Leftover Loaf
Dinner: Eat out- Sushi

Saturday- Circuit for time Intermediate BW (FLAB)

Sunday- Run? Kettlebell Practice? (will depend on bells)
Friends arrive from the UK! Will endeavor to Eat Clean while they're here. Pray for my liver friends.