Monday, August 3, 2009

Week of August 3 - GOALS

Last week rocked by simply setting goals and following to a well prepared plan! :) Eating Clean is proving to be the missing link in my little puzzle (DUH!) ...

So here are my goals for this week.

Remember- Your weekly goals should be the actions, not the results!!
I'm pretty good with breakfast, I've been trying to have a shake with frozen berries, spinach, oats and low fat milk which usually is enough to carry me over till lunch.
-Snacks in between meals are a piece of fresh fruit or 0.5oz of almonds.
-I'm going to continue with minimal starchy carbs

Monday- Rest Day >>DONE (he he he EASY!)
Japanese Eggplant & Tofu in Garlic Sauce >>DONE

Tuesdy- run/ walk intervals to work & Back (10k total distance)
Lunch: Leftovers >>DONE
Dinner: Spinach Lasagne (one layer of noodles only)

Wednesday- Smoke's CB TT 10X10 Challenge
Lunch: leftover lasagne
Dinner: Same? (Prepare Turkey Loaf for tomorrow)

Thursday- Kettlebell Practice? (Dare I say it? I hope to have my bells by then. AAAAH! I HATE waiting!)
Lunch: Tuna Sandwhich on whole wheat (from home)
Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf with Spinach, Basil and Arugula with Mashed Sweet potatoes

Friday- Swim Lightning Intervals
Lunch: Leftover Loaf
Dinner: Eat out- Sushi

Saturday- Circuit for time Intermediate BW (FLAB)

Sunday- Run? Kettlebell Practice? (will depend on bells)
Friends arrive from the UK! Will endeavor to Eat Clean while they're here. Pray for my liver friends.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cath's Liver:

Dominus Vobiscum et Cum Spirtu Tuo.
(making the sign if the cross)


PS: Nice plan for the week! Please tell "Ms. Cath" that she's doing an awesome job!

that70sgrl said...

LOL- Thanks for the prayer Fred! :)
do you have a food plan for the week too? Tenemos que comer bien para ver resultados!

Greenteagirl said...

A little bit of planning goes a long way! I veggie shop at the farm and get ready for my week on Sundays. I have learned (the hard way) portion sizes are key. It's easy for me to stick to that when I eat 6 times a day though.

Maybe some Indian food with lots of turmeric after your friends leave will help detox your liver! :)

that70sgrl said...

Ya, I'm liking the planning! And I hear ya on the portions! Keeping those in mind. :) Too bad me and my liver don't live closer to you to come visit for some detoxifying Thai curry that I read about on your blog!