Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buh Bye Blogger!

Not sure if I'm the only one that was having formatting issues with blogger, but I finally had enough... I've moved! Come check out my blog at

I've copied all posts over to wordpress which thankfully saves ALL comments, categories and dates of posts! AWESOME! :) The new and improved site is also fully searchable! AWESOME!
Thanks to you my fellow blogger for reading, and following me over to wordpress.

Hope you'll take a minute and update the address on Google Reader!
The Chiquita Chronicles continue.... :)

Thanks for reading and sharing my world/ your world with me.

mua! :o)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Challenge- July Results & Goal Setting

So if you recall, I'm in the middle of a Summer Challenge with some blogging & twitter buddies.

Aptly named the "Summer Bipolar Smoked Chiquita Rabbit Trifecta" (by Mr. Funner)
Click the title for the posting of the challenge.

My results for the month of July were pretty good! -4.3lbs! I didn't quite make Mr. Funner's challenge weight loss of 8lbs, but hey, I'll take it! :) Most of my weight loss was accomplished in the last couple weeks of the month by SETTING GOALS! Not goals like "I'm going to lose XX lbs this month", but setting the ACTIONS that will get you where you want to go. Check out Mistress Laura's post on Goal Setting. While my own goal setting was much less structured, I still found it EXTREMELY useful. I will need to refine my goal setting skills, but for the moment, this seems to be working great! Planning out when and where to workout AS WELL as my meal plans was something that I was missing. Posting a week in advance INSTEAD of after, has helped me to stay accountable and keep re-updating the same post. BRILLIANT! :) Seems like something so fundamental, especially with all the reading that I do on fitness/ weight loss and nutrition... I guess I just needed to stop reading about it, and actually DO IT!!

August will prove to be a more challenging month with road trip to Montana for JP's wedding and then wedding part II in town with friends and relatives visiting. Planning will be much more difficult, but will need to be done if I'm going to continue in the right direction.

Have you set your goals for this week? month?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week of August 3 - GOALS

Last week rocked by simply setting goals and following to a well prepared plan! :) Eating Clean is proving to be the missing link in my little puzzle (DUH!) ...

So here are my goals for this week.

Remember- Your weekly goals should be the actions, not the results!!
I'm pretty good with breakfast, I've been trying to have a shake with frozen berries, spinach, oats and low fat milk which usually is enough to carry me over till lunch.
-Snacks in between meals are a piece of fresh fruit or 0.5oz of almonds.
-I'm going to continue with minimal starchy carbs

Monday- Rest Day >>DONE (he he he EASY!)
Japanese Eggplant & Tofu in Garlic Sauce >>DONE

Tuesdy- run/ walk intervals to work & Back (10k total distance)
Lunch: Leftovers >>DONE
Dinner: Spinach Lasagne (one layer of noodles only)

Wednesday- Smoke's CB TT 10X10 Challenge
Lunch: leftover lasagne
Dinner: Same? (Prepare Turkey Loaf for tomorrow)

Thursday- Kettlebell Practice? (Dare I say it? I hope to have my bells by then. AAAAH! I HATE waiting!)
Lunch: Tuna Sandwhich on whole wheat (from home)
Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf with Spinach, Basil and Arugula with Mashed Sweet potatoes

Friday- Swim Lightning Intervals
Lunch: Leftover Loaf
Dinner: Eat out- Sushi

Saturday- Circuit for time Intermediate BW (FLAB)

Sunday- Run? Kettlebell Practice? (will depend on bells)
Friends arrive from the UK! Will endeavor to Eat Clean while they're here. Pray for my liver friends.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week of July 27- GOALS

I think I need to set clearer goals each week, so here I go.
I'll update the post as I move along during the week.

Remember- Your weekly goals should be the actions, not the results!!

- plan out dinners each night of the week to avoid take-out/ unplanned crap! Also helps with not wasting food & keeping shopping to a minimum! >> DONE on Sunday!

Lightning Intervals >>Done!
Fresh Tuna Burgers (no bun) with Light Waldorf Salad >> Done YUM!
Circuit for Time (BW Intermediate- 4 rounds fast as possible)>> Done (kinda) managed 45min interval cardio
Chicken & Navy Bean Soup >> Done
Pulse Pyramid (BW Intermediate) >>FAIL (2hrs of sleep = HORRIBLE)
Left over chicken & Navy Bean Soup >>DONE for LUNCH
Dinner: Quinoa w/ Beef & Veggie Stirfry>> Done with normal portion size!
Lightning Intervals >>DONE @ the pool!
Sushi Cheat Meal>> FAIL
No workout (leaving for Vegas) >>didn't leave for Vegas and didn't work out. (I don't wanna talk about it :( )
Eat Clean all day - could have laid off the carbs, but mostly ate clean

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week of July 20, 2009 - Eating Local in BC

Firstly... I must hang my head in shame. My fellow challengers... I have not done a whole lot this week... I could try and make excuses, but I won't. It wasn't a complete write off, but then again, weigh-in Sunday hasn't come around yet :)

Monday- mmm... I'm still getting over my birthday.
Day off.

Tuesday- mmm... rode my bike to/ from work/ to run some errands, all together about 20km. Does that count? LOL - didn't think so.

Wednesday- umm.... DH and I rode our bikes to/ from the fireworks. Suuuuuuuuuuper easy ride about 25km I think. Better than complete inactivity right?!

Thursday- I had the very important task of wedding dress shopping with JP. I did not plan ahead so I didn't do anything today either.

Friday- 5km RUN! YAY for some type of activity! GO ME!
I'm not justifying my lack of workouts but LOOK AT THESE STATS!!
Same run as my "measuring stick" run on July 2, 2009
Max HR 192/ 180 avg

This is a PR for me, so I'm pretty excited! I cut almost 6min off my time!! How does that happen? I'm checked my watch over and over and still can't see how I could have messed it up, so I'm chalking it up to: 1- slacking on first try and 2- improvements due to my "Rest" Week?
I was/ am pretty fried after today's run. Felt good to push through. I was feeling kind of blue today, maybe that helped propell me forward? I know all about the importance of HIIT but sometimes, all I really need is a run, you know?
On another note- LOL- I shared with my twitter fam my little power mantra. It's what I say in my head when I need to keep going/ pushing. "ZOOM ZOOM!" Yes, I actually say this! Over and over and in time with whatever music is on my itouch at the time :) And it really does help!
I would love to hear what your Power Mantra is! Share! Share! Share! :)

Saturday- Cath & the Kettlebell Part II
So because I'm a total noob and because Trish's intro class didn't cover all the moves, I signed up for another Intro class at a local gym (is it fate that there just happened to be one today? Perhaps). I still have yet to get my kettlebells! AAAAH!! I want them now! (Patience young grasshopper, there will be plenty of time for practice and more pain!! )

Because I was still flying high from my 6min improvement on my run yesterday I decided I would bike there from home. It's about 8.5miles one way. Getting there was ok, arrived a little sweaty, but it was ok. :)

Class was 2hours of solid instruction. I learned ALOT and really think it was worth the time and money to learn more. Honestly, if you're thinking of taking up kettlebells proper instruction is a MUST. The instructor is an RKC that follow's Pavel's methods very closely. There was lots of opportunity to ask questions and practice proper form. Tried out the TGU for the first time. That is one tough exercise! So much to remember! We tried the shoe on the fist and I'm proud to say I didn't drop it on my head :)
We didn't really work too much on the snatch since it's more of an advanced move, so will need to work on my swing and strength prior to tackling that beast.
Here are the stats from my workout
Max HR 179/ 132avg

Link of the week-
We've been trying to source our food locally and I found this great website! There's a restaurant, farm & distibutor finder and a complete list of foods that are in season. Very useful!! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

@greeanteagirl's blueberry pie!

With all the yummy Blueberries we picked on Sunday I decided to make a pie. Julie had posted a great recipe for BB pie that I used for the filling. Though... I didn't have any fancy sugar cane juice, so I used brown sugar instead.
Here's a link to her pie recipe:

And here's yours truely picking the berries :)

None of the pie crusts at Safeway looked appealing so I decided to make my own. We actually had ALOT of graham crackers left over from camping so I used those! :)
Found a recipe on for a "healthier" version of a crust. It worked! Soooo good.

Here's a pic of the pie crust pressed into the bottom, prior to the 5min bake.

I plugged all these ingredients into the and came out with about 206cals per serving (based on 8 clices).

Results were... delicious!! Though I think I'd call my blueberry pie more of a torte :) Because there aren't alot of fillers/ gelatinous pie insides, it's a little flat. I might add even more BBs next time. But still really good. The crust was a hit!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Week of July 13, 2009 - turning 33 :)

Monday- camping day 6
Time to head home!!! Packing up all our gear was a pain again, but another good workout! Eating was, not horrible during the day, but then we decided to finish off our week with sushi dinner!! Mmmm! Sashimi & dynamite rolls @ gyoza! Mmm... ok, I'll stop!

Tuesday- VERY little sleep feeling hoooooorrible :/
I took today off (bad!) but much needed!
We went to see Harry Potter @ midnight! YAY!! Probably not a great idea since I was already super tired, but it was sooo worth it! Luved it!

Wednesday- Kettlebell Class!!!
Yaaaaa! See my post HERE, for details on that awesomeness!

Thursday- BW Circuits X4 + skipping Tabatas (60sec ON/ 30sec OFF) *5
No 10min of cardio as prescribed... oops! It was just too freakin' hot in the park.
I loved doing my workout in the park though!! Awesome!

Friday- FLAB Lightning Intervals
Jeeeeeeez! Decided to run my intervals outside, as my run home from work. In the blazing sun... 30C (in the SHADE!!!) Hola hannah, never been so close to yakking. 60seconds is a long time!
But anyway, I made it.

Saturday- Bday Pub Crawl on bikes
Today I was a shining example of what unhealthy people do alot of
-drink lots of beer and eat lots of greasy food
Ah well! It was fun! 8hours of alot of strange looks from people, 4 pubs, too much beer and lots of laughs. We had to be in costume for this so DH and a friend went as the Bob Ross twins (anyone remember him?) and I was their groupie, stuck in the 70s.
Here's a pic from the day: A little fuzzy, but then again, so was the whole day. LOL!
Sunday- Turning 33
Yesterday was a GREAT day to be me! Thanks to my all my twitter and blogging fam who sent well wishes and did killer workouts in my honour! :) I am truely blessed in every way imaginable!
Check out Mr. Gunner's workout! WOAH! (thanks Fred- you rock!)
Without boring you all with details about the fabulous day I had (the birthday Santa brought 2 kettlebells!! MUA!! love you DH)... I did have some time to reflect on my 33years on the planet.
I've loved hard, played hard, worked hard, and traveled hard, have no regrets and I'm so ready to tackled the next 33! Life is what you make of it as many of my friends have taught and continue to teach me. This next year is gonna bring amazing things, I can feel it. I'm gonna make my own luck! (wise words from a wise guy HA HA!)

LOL- that having been said... I'm up 1.2lbs this week! (had to pay for all that fun I had) But NO REGRETS!!
July weight loss = -1.8lbs

As soon as I get my KBs... you'll see more workouts with KBs! :) For now... FLAB here I come! I think I'll hit up Fred's workout today too!