Friday, July 17, 2009

Week of July 13, 2009 - turning 33 :)

Monday- camping day 6
Time to head home!!! Packing up all our gear was a pain again, but another good workout! Eating was, not horrible during the day, but then we decided to finish off our week with sushi dinner!! Mmmm! Sashimi & dynamite rolls @ gyoza! Mmm... ok, I'll stop!

Tuesday- VERY little sleep feeling hoooooorrible :/
I took today off (bad!) but much needed!
We went to see Harry Potter @ midnight! YAY!! Probably not a great idea since I was already super tired, but it was sooo worth it! Luved it!

Wednesday- Kettlebell Class!!!
Yaaaaa! See my post HERE, for details on that awesomeness!

Thursday- BW Circuits X4 + skipping Tabatas (60sec ON/ 30sec OFF) *5
No 10min of cardio as prescribed... oops! It was just too freakin' hot in the park.
I loved doing my workout in the park though!! Awesome!

Friday- FLAB Lightning Intervals
Jeeeeeeez! Decided to run my intervals outside, as my run home from work. In the blazing sun... 30C (in the SHADE!!!) Hola hannah, never been so close to yakking. 60seconds is a long time!
But anyway, I made it.

Saturday- Bday Pub Crawl on bikes
Today I was a shining example of what unhealthy people do alot of
-drink lots of beer and eat lots of greasy food
Ah well! It was fun! 8hours of alot of strange looks from people, 4 pubs, too much beer and lots of laughs. We had to be in costume for this so DH and a friend went as the Bob Ross twins (anyone remember him?) and I was their groupie, stuck in the 70s.
Here's a pic from the day: A little fuzzy, but then again, so was the whole day. LOL!
Sunday- Turning 33
Yesterday was a GREAT day to be me! Thanks to my all my twitter and blogging fam who sent well wishes and did killer workouts in my honour! :) I am truely blessed in every way imaginable!
Check out Mr. Gunner's workout! WOAH! (thanks Fred- you rock!)
Without boring you all with details about the fabulous day I had (the birthday Santa brought 2 kettlebells!! MUA!! love you DH)... I did have some time to reflect on my 33years on the planet.
I've loved hard, played hard, worked hard, and traveled hard, have no regrets and I'm so ready to tackled the next 33! Life is what you make of it as many of my friends have taught and continue to teach me. This next year is gonna bring amazing things, I can feel it. I'm gonna make my own luck! (wise words from a wise guy HA HA!)

LOL- that having been said... I'm up 1.2lbs this week! (had to pay for all that fun I had) But NO REGRETS!!
July weight loss = -1.8lbs

As soon as I get my KBs... you'll see more workouts with KBs! :) For now... FLAB here I come! I think I'll hit up Fred's workout today too!


Greenteagirl said...

What a GREAT present from the birthay Santa! What size did you get? Sounded like a wonderful birthay and thanks for sharing the pic. Always plenty of time to kick serious arse this week. :)

that70sgrl said...

8kg and 12kg :) I can't wait to get my hands on them! Will need to do some "naked" reps on TGs first. Sandy has a great video of him doing TGs with a shoe balancing on his fist! GREAT way to learn don't you think! :) Yup, let's both kick some arse this week, I know you've had a rough week too. DD feeling better? :(

Anonymous said...

Bob Ross rules!! And I heard there might even be a Bob Ross Painting Wii game :)

Kelley Moore said...

33???? You're still a baby!!!! Looks like you had a very fun birthday!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. wow.

I have a feeling it would have been a ton of fun following you on your pubcrawl (not that I could ever keep up with you guys).

Once again, Happy Birthday, Cath! Next year's b-day workout will involve KBs as well so you'll be all set!



Greenteagirl said...

DD has cut the top 2 teeth so she is doing much better now. Until the next teeth start coming in. Ugh! :)