Friday, July 3, 2009

Week of June 29 & the challenge!

Monday- TT workout A
Final TT workout for June! YAY!
No stats :/

Tuesday- Nature's Stair Climber - Grouse Grind.
I hadn't done this in over a year and my time sucked but I just wanted to go and do it on my own. I'm glad I did.

Check the stats!
Max HR192/ 177 Avg

Wednesday- HAPPY CANADA DAY! (Rest & rented scooters)
Managed to keep my eating CLEAN! Yaaa!

Thursday- 5k run
Max HR 186/ 167 avg

This run will serve as my measuring stick. I went running at Central Park and loved it! There's a well marked trail (Terry Fox Run Trail) that goes all through the park. No chance to overheat cause you're running through the forest. I'll be doing this more often!

Friday- tight hipflexors from my run yesterday. Resting up for tomorrow's first workout of the month!

If you read my blog, chances are, you have one too and I don't need to explain all the great things about it. In response my my bla post last week, friends encouraged switching it up, resting a bit and adding something new.

Enter... THE CHALLENGE! ("Summer Bipolar Smoked Chaquita Rabbit Trifecta")

The Challengers: One of my dear blogging buddies Mr. Fred Funner (check out his blog re. his workouts! he's a madman!)
And MikeZ, aka Smoke D. Blowfish (whom I've never actually had the pleasure of "speaking" with but judging from his posts... another madman who constantly challenges and pushes Fred to new levels of fitness fun! :)

A little friendly competition between friends... boys vs. girls... beasts vs. wannabe (that's me)!
LOL- In anycase, it'll be fun, and it's the motivation I was lacking!

The goal : Most weight lost by the Aug 31, 2009
With a split down the middle: Most weight lost in July and in August seperately.

I did my first two workouts for our challenge over the weekend.
Saturday- Beginner BW Pulse Pyramids. (Smoke does a great job of explaining them on his blog HERE)
This was tough but manageable... I was a big sweaty mess after finishing. Great workout followed by 10min of steady state cardio. (5.5mph @ 2%incline)

Sunday- Lightning Intervals
Similar to HIIT sprints but a taaaaaad more intense! I was sucking wind at the end of each of the 9 intervals I did.
1min sprint @7.4mph - 2%incline
2min active rest (walking)
For a full 27min worth. WOW... amazing how an extra 30 seconds can totally kick your arse!
HR Max 196/ 149avg

So guys, look for our regular posts where we'll share the workouts, sweat and arse kickin's!
Excited, but NERVOUS!!


Anonymous said...

What a TERRIFIC post, Cath!!!

Great job on the Pulse Pyramids and the intervals! Nice touch running them at 2% incline! (I agree, that extra 30 secs of sprinting really adds up quickly)

First let me say I'm SOOOO happy you decided to do this challenge with Mike and me. (Flattered, too.)He and I go at each other all the time...having a 'youngest' such as yourself in the mix will keep us on our toes. (Although Mike's not the relic that I am, he still has about 10+ years on you)

I'll be interested to hear what you think of the "max # of rounds in 20 minutes" one and the multiple tabata sessions...coming up soon I think...

Side challenge, mi amiga: I'm going to drop 8lbs in July...think YOU can? (I think YOU can! Prove me right...) ;)

Welcome to the team!!!!!!


Smoketheblowfish said...

Since this is my first comment on your blog, I am making this comment section my own...I have a lot to it in chapters..take your time..really

Chapter I

Congrats on finishing up your TT for June. I love CB's workouts, but love getting done with a 4 week session...yeah, I was doing turbulence training for 8 months. Craig's program was a great base and prepared me for Jon LeTocq's FLAB program.

I digress....

Chapter II

Grouse Grind sounds insane (in a good way)..and an avg heart rate of 177? What in the name of all that's sacred is that. 177 bpm would kill Fred or I...that's why we train in a gym where there is medical equipment nearby to restart our hearts.

Chapter III

Nice run! 36 mins on a 5k is more than respectable. Should you stick with the Lightning Intervals and do some of the FLAB stuff, two things will occur:

1) You will drop 6+ minutes off of your 5k
2) You will drop gratuitous amounts of bodyfat while gaining lean muscle

Personal Secret: I stalled using TT. I stopped losing weight and my conditioning hit a plateau. Since I started the flab stuff (and Paleo Eating), I've dropped roughly 10 pounds in 16 weeks and lost some serious bodyfat (14% down to 11.5%).

Chapter IV

You guys are going to kill me on the weight loss. I'm at 206.4 with a goal 198lbs, but I'll be happy to encourage both you and Fred.

Chapter V

Your lightning intervals are perfect! One thing I try to do is constantly challenge myself with the intervals. I do just two per week and make each one different (speed/incline adjustments). These intervals are the difference in fatburning! Low carb eating makes the most difference.

Thanks for putting up with the overly long comment.



that70sgrl said...

Gentlemen- you truely flatter me!! Seriously! Thanks for putting up with the noob. Now my comments...

@Fred- yes, I'm looking forward to the max rounds in 20min... naaat! LOL- well kinda, I've never done anything like it, so I kind of am looking forward to it! :)
8lbs in July... OK- you're on!! Adios carbs that aren't leafy or green! :)

@Mike - HI!! Nice to read ya! LOL
Chapter 1- I've noticed huge strides in strength using TT. Which is cool. I did my first 2 chin-ups using the program. FLAB looks much different. EXCITING!!

Chapter 2- LOL awww come on! You and Fred could SOOO do it. My DH does it in 55min. Though the record is at 24 something for some crazy mofo in Vancouver. That's a full sprint up the mountain! Mine is but a tough climb. Now I digress...
Chapter 3 - 36min for my 5k- Thanks :) considering it used to take me 45... I'll take it. Something tells me you guys pull MUCH faster times! I'll catch up! Especially, as you mention, since I'm doing those lightning Intervals! Those are killer!
Congrats on your strides with FLAB... those are IMPRESSIVE digits in weight and BF!!

Chapter 4 - goals are meant to be achieved and surpassed!!

Chapter 5- Lightning Intervals make me want to puke a little but I'll try and switch it up.

Thanks guys for the encouragement and suggestions. This is goona be a GREAT summer!

PS- Smoke- I've been reading up on some Primal Eating... I came across this blog, do you follow/ read already?

Roundballnz said...

Great to see the guys have been recruiting again .... just wait till you hit the intermediate stuff - I predict colourful language - even if its under your breath !

Laura said...

I love the Grouse Grind! DH and I did it a couple times when we were living in Seattle. I heart Vancouver--it's one of my favorite cities anywhere. All of British Columbia is pretty great, in fact.

I might join you guys on some of the cardio challenges. I would totally do the program along with you, except that I don't think it'd coexist too happily with Enter The Kettlebell! A little sprinting now and then never hurt anyone, though!

Smoketheblowfish said...

The Challenge has be tailored/modified still in?