Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week of July 6, 2009 - FLAB be gone!

Ahhh! I didn't have my post set up for last week, so this will be a little shoddy, but here goes.

Monday- FLAB beginner BW workout

Tuesday- Max rounds in 20min (beginner BW)
13.25 rounds
I didn't feel like I was going at snail pace, but apparently I was. This workout totally kicked my butt! Literally!
HR max 187/ 169avg

Wednesday- Day 1 camping
I was cursing Fred's name today- my hamstrings and glutes were sooo sore! (Just kidding Fred!!) Signs of a good workout for sure!
Anyway, we arrive at camp only to find ourselves 12inches deep in MUD. I'm talking woodstock kind of mud! Good thing I had my red rain boots :) We had to carry ALL our stuff (food and water included) atleast 1km into the campsite X3 trips back to the trip to get all our gear = Workout!!

Thursday- Day 2 camping
Pretty mellow day. No strenuous exercising, unless you call making smores a chore. :)

Friday- Day 3 camping
As this was a music festival... I danced till my feet couldn't take it anymore. Fun times!!

Saturday- Day 4 camping
Repeat Friday (Eating... not so great)

Sunday- Day 5 camping
Repeat Friday (eating... really not so great. I don't think Marshmellows count as a fruit or veggie- though we did bring lots of fruits)

I've discovered exactly how sensitive I am to starchy carbs. They're baaaaaaaaad! Must stay away. Staying away from them had me down another 2lbs this week.
Total for July = 3lbs!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Wilderness Girl!

As you can tell by now, we ALL missed you on Twitter and your blog! Glad to hear you had a nice time. (Sorry about the Hams, guess I should have warned you...a lot of JLT's stuff attacks your legs and butt)

Congrats on the 3 pound loss!
That's AWESOME! For the record, I'm only down 1 pound and that changes it seems each day...gotta get serious for the next 2 weeks...So at the moment, you're CRUSHING me 3 to 1!

Nice work! Keep it up!

Mr. Funner

Laura said...

Yay! Cath is back!

The more I hear about FLAB the more intrigued I am. I like Jon LeTocq and really think he knows his stuff.

Did you really see bears when you were camping? I love bears. From a safe distance, anyway. I've seen both grizzlies and black bears in the wild, and would love to go to Churchill, Manitoba one day to see polar bears. They are amazing animals.

that70sgrl said...

@Fred- awww!! Thanks! I missed you guys too! LOL- my weight seems to fluctuate those same 3lbs too, so we'll see! :)

@Laura HI!! :) Yup! The bears didn't seem to be bothered by the hundreds of people or the very loud music! They had to scare them off with flares! no pics though :(
Yes, I'd love to see polars too! pref. outside a zoo. I REALLY dislike zoos. :(

So far the FLAB workouts are interesting and different for every wk/out. Fred & Smoke's progress on the program is what impressed me... already fit guys losing weight/ gaining muscle with it! Can't go wrong!

Smoketheblowfish said...

As Fred said, Welcome back

Big time props on the three pounds too. I think Fred and I are tied..we'll find out on Saturday...Smokus Barus Assus Primal peeking

Anonymous said...

Hey Cath! One more thing...I just realized you mentioned you went at "a snail's pace...", well it DOESN'T MATTER WHATSOEVER!

Think "abOWt" did:

13+ rounds...which equals:

65 split squats (each leg)(!)
130 push ups (!)
130 BW squats
650 rope skips (!!)

Now look at those numbers and tell me that's NOT impressive...YA CAN'T, CUZ IT IS!!!!

My 2 cents...