Monday, July 27, 2009

Week of July 27- GOALS

I think I need to set clearer goals each week, so here I go.
I'll update the post as I move along during the week.

Remember- Your weekly goals should be the actions, not the results!!

- plan out dinners each night of the week to avoid take-out/ unplanned crap! Also helps with not wasting food & keeping shopping to a minimum! >> DONE on Sunday!

Lightning Intervals >>Done!
Fresh Tuna Burgers (no bun) with Light Waldorf Salad >> Done YUM!
Circuit for Time (BW Intermediate- 4 rounds fast as possible)>> Done (kinda) managed 45min interval cardio
Chicken & Navy Bean Soup >> Done
Pulse Pyramid (BW Intermediate) >>FAIL (2hrs of sleep = HORRIBLE)
Left over chicken & Navy Bean Soup >>DONE for LUNCH
Dinner: Quinoa w/ Beef & Veggie Stirfry>> Done with normal portion size!
Lightning Intervals >>DONE @ the pool!
Sushi Cheat Meal>> FAIL
No workout (leaving for Vegas) >>didn't leave for Vegas and didn't work out. (I don't wanna talk about it :( )
Eat Clean all day - could have laid off the carbs, but mostly ate clean


Anonymous said...

Very nice Cath!

With one exception.

Friday's workout should read:
"Bike to airport, stash bike in long-term parking, "Walking Suitcase Lunges" from parking lot to terminal, "Suitcase Thrusters" from main terminal to security checkpoint and then "Security Barrier Hurdles" (repeat until caught)...

Have a terrific week!!!!!!


Beth Currie said...

Hey Cath, I have recently discovered that I only manage to stick to my goals by being obsessive and geeky and planning at the start of each week exactly what I will do when, and tracking it on a spreadsheet :-) Blogging and tweeting also seem to be helpful motivation!

I'll either be stronger and leaner after 6 weeks or have developed a serious internet addiction!

PS have replied to your comment!

that70sgrl said...

@Fred ummm... did you mistake me for Smoke? :) Nope, I'll DRIVE to airport and then do my lunges! LOL

@Beth wow- on a spreadsheet? That would bring me to new levels of obsession! :) But it's nice to know that I'm not alone and that it actually does help sticking to one's goals! Let's do this together! :)