Friday, May 1, 2009

TT Week 3 & Precision Nutrition

Another week of Turbulence Training! Finally feeling 100% and able to workout to my full capacity! Yay! Had some good muscle DOMS so I know I'm working hard. I am REALLY looking forward to the next workout, when do I get to workout my guns Craig?! I want toned and sexy arms for summer! LOL
And I must be doing something right because my recovery time is getting shorter. I honestly had to do a double take a couple of times yesterday 'cause I couldn't believe my HR went down so fast. Or wait... does that mean I'm not working out hard enough. LOL! whatever!!!

Just as an aside, I LOVE MY POLAR F6 HRM!! :) For some reason I find it extra motivating to see exactly how many calories I burn after working out. Not to mention the fact that my actual HR is a great motivator to push harder if my HR isn't quite there. PLUS I can log all my workout stats online and see what I've done in a week or month! Cool!

On to this weeks workouts (so far) plan on at least one more this weekend

Tues- TT intermediate work out B
544 cal
Max HR 187
Avg HR 157
HIIT- stationary bike

HIIT on the treadmill 5%incline 6.0mph 1min on 1.15min off + AbRipperX
Max HR 191
Avg 154

Thursday- TT Intermediate Workout A + HIIT on the bike
Max HR184
Avg HR 153

And now for today's link of the day: Precision Nutrition

The actual "Precision Nutrition System" sounds like a very complete nutrition program and if I were rich, I'd get it in a second! Alas... i'm not. BUT!!! There is still a TON of great information their site. Check out the blog pages for lots of good info:

By the same author, though different site, I particularly liked: 7 rules of good nutrition
Really good food advice. Now if only I would just follow through! LOL SIGH...


MoreMuscles said...

Hey Chiquita! Nice blog! I'm jealous of that HRM! I want one too! That and a TRX! How long till Christmas?? LOL!!!

PN is a very good system. And the 7 rules sum it up very nicely! Eat clean, save carbs for after workout, workout hard enough to actually earn those carbs, eat something green with each meal.

Oh, and I don't think Craig would mind if you threw in some bicep work at the end of A or B! ;)

Keep pushing it hard!

chiquitaX said...

Ahhh Sandy... we're so on the same fitness page! LOL- I want a TRX system too!! My bday is in July, let's see if DH buys in! :) (I'll write Santa a note that you've been a good girl to get you some points!)
So you bought the PN system? I think I'll splurge and get the cookbook. :) Would you say it was worth it to get the system?

xo Cath

Greenteagirl said...

Great blog! I have Precision Nutrition version 1. Great program and cookbook. I'm sure they made a ton of great changes for version 3. I heart John Berardi. Keep up the great work!