Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week of May 25 & Pesticides in our Produce

Monday - TT for Fatloss WorkoutB
HR max178/ 141 avg

Walk home 41:59 169/ 139bpm - 347cals

1:15:10sec 223/157 - 765cals

Tues- bike/ light cardio (went with JP- it's great cause if I wouldn't have gone today if not for her. I won't turn down a workout if she asks)
HR Max 174/140bpm

Wed- walked to/ from work
HR Max167/ 132avg

HR Max173/145avg

Thursday- TT for Fatloss Workout A + JumpRope and Step up TabatasX3 + HIIT (sprints @1% incline 8.0- 8.8mph)

HR Max 188/150

CHIN-UPS- 2 repsX 3 sets! OH YEAH!!! (have to do these at the start of my workout otherwise I can do like. 0.5)

Saturday TT for Fatloss Workout B + QuickFeet step-up Tabatas X3 (no time for HIIT today)
HR Max 185/146avg

This was a quick and dirty workout. JP had me on limited time schedule. This was slightly annoying since I dislike starting a workout and not finishing it. Somehow feel like I copped out. SIGH! Next time I'll be sure to ask how long she has. Better than not working out I suppose.

So last week, in total
10 workouts (or just exercise planned)
Cals burned 3375. I should really start weighing in everyweek with measurements like Julie does.

Link o' Da Week: 47 Fruits and Veggies ranked by Pesticide Use:

Top of the list being VERY BAD!!
Tweeted about this last week, but it's so important. Print out a copy and put it on your fridge! If you're on a budget like me, buy only the top 5-10 in organic. Not eeeeeeeeverything needs to be organic, but replacing the worst will certainly help!

Another thing I think is useful is knowing what fruits and veggies are in season and when, to further help cut costs of organic f&v. Check out this link for oregon (pretty close to me)

Stay healthy!!
xo cath


Becky said...

WTG on the chin ups! I'm starting a new program tomorrow that includes them. Well, chin ups are in my B workout, so I'll do them Thursday but I'm super excited. Like you, I have to put them at the beginning LOL I have a 5x3 goal for that, but I know I won't be able to do it right away. Good job!

that70sgrl said...

Thanks Becky! Good luck tomorrow! I'll read up on your progress!! :)

Laura said...

Great job with the chinups, Cath! Well, and all the rest of it too :) Sounds like a lot of hard work there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cath!
Nice work on the chin-ups!
(Must be an echo in here...)
Seriously, m'dear, 2 bodyweight chin-ups is nothing to sneeze at! I know plenty of people that won't even try them without assistance.
Kudos to you!

Here's a 'game' for you, if you're up for it: Every time you pass the chin-up bar/station do just one, even if it's not on your workout for that just one with perfect form...every time you pass it. After a couple of weeks go for a new personal record...betcha crush it! [ ¡Garantizo que trabajar√°! ]

Thanks for the list of fruit that's probably gonna kill co-workers are going to be hating life soon since it looks like all I can eat are onions and asparagus! Ewwwwwwww!

Great blog! Love it! You're now on my blog list!!!

Stay strong,

that70sgrl said...

@Laura- thanks! :) small steps in the right direction is all we can do right?
@Fred- thanks! (you're right- there's an echo in here LOL) I will take u up on your game! Will check in with my progress. PS- check the fruit table too so you don't kill your coworkers! LOL :)

As always I am humbled by the encouragement I get from my blog & twitter buddies. :) Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

maaaany thanks and good karma for all of yous! xo