Monday, June 8, 2009

Week of June 1 & Successful Weight Maintenance

Monday- new TT Workout!! :) 2K3 A- wow- killer workout. I had spaghetti arms right after doing this one.
HR Max 185/143avg
HIIT- sprints @2%incline starting at 7.0mph up to 8.2 (7intervals)

Walked to and from work

Wed - TT 2K3 B + Tabata sets X4 (step-ups, jump rope, bench hop-overs)
I did the Tabatas first, which in retrospect may not be a good idea before a leg workout.
HR Max 188/160avg

Check those stats, those tabatas killed me! I wonder if replacing TT HIIT for Tabatas is ok?

What do you think my fellow fitness readers?
So I got some responses (thank you) and looks like I can do either one or the other. :o) I luuuv my gymboss so I'll add more tabatas I think!

Friday- TT 2K3 A + Tabata sets X4 (alternating between ministep straddles/ jumping jax/ plyo-step-ups & Bench hop-overs) ** the bench hop-overs were a GREAT shoulder workout! :)
HR Max 184/144avg

Saturday & Sunday- not much... uh oh!!

Link of the Week:

I found this article in the Precision Nutrition Blog. What I found really interesting is the the table near the bottom of the article. I've been thinking alot lately about how I got back to where I am today... no where near the 189lbs in 2003 but still... how did I get back here?
Coincidence that the behaviors of weight losers and successful weight maintainers are the same when it comes to constant observation and measuring of weight? Probably not. Somewhere I guess I stopped looking at the scale / measurements to keep myself on track...

I hope some of my blogging buddies who are maintaining find some use in that info :)


Greenteagirl said...

I've never done tabatas but they look really challenging! That maintenance article on PN was great too. Thanks for the link. Hope you contintue to kick butt this week :).

Anonymous said...

Hey Cath! Mr. Funner, here...
Looks like you've got your work cut out for you, with the TT2K3!

As far as Tabatas go:
Tabatas absolutely rock!

One exercise to add to your line-up: "Mr T's Red-Ball-Roll"! Find a nice patch of grass, grab a rubber dodgeball and roll away! ;)lol

Terrific post! Thanks!!!

that70sgrl said...

@Julie- give em a try! They're lots of fun! :) Plus working 20secs on 10secs off seems to work wonders for the psyche... I seem to push harder!

@Mr.Funner- LOL that would be a good one to add! :)

Hope you guys are having a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Tabatas are the BOMB! :) I love 'em and make almost all my clients do 'em, in some form or fashion! Bodyweight, suspension, core schtuff, name it, we got it!

Great workout week for you! You're rockin' it!

Yours in Health,

and PS..."spaghetti arms" is MY term...but you may borrow it whenever ya want! :D

that70sgrl said...

@Sarah LOL- yes, the tabatas ROCK... especially with my PINK Gymboss (yes, you can be jealous!)
and oh yeah... spaghetti arms is mine- read the fine print! LOL