Thursday, June 18, 2009

Intermittant Fasting with Eat Stop Eat

So I successfully completed my first 24hour fast yesterday. (If you'd like more info about the program please click here Eat Stop Eat)

Here's my experience with it:

  • I had a good breakfast of a scrambled egg & whites plus multi-grain toast. Last meal= 7.20AM
  • 11AM I briefly thought about food when I usually have lunch, but was ok. I really had to try and not look at the clock or count the hours because that was depressing!
  • Throughout the day I sipped on cold water, green tea and herbal teas. Nothing hot, all iced. I felt pretty good.
  • Got some great tips from Liz and Sarah (She also recently posted about her experience with the ESE method- read all about it here. Sarah does a great job briefly explaining the principles too)
  • for most of the day, I was pretty focused on whatever I was doing at work AND I didn't get sleepy at 1pm as I usually tend to feel. Hmm... good indicator that I might need to make better choices at lunch!!
  • I got home and watched some TV, surfed, spent some time on Twitter and everything was pretty much ok...
  • about 9pm and I started with a head achy feeling and actually feeling a little nauseous lying down. Had to sit up but was still feeling queasy. (In retrospect I should have been drinking more water, less tea in the evening)
  • Here's something interesting that I noticed... my sense of smell was UNREAL last night! I have a very good sense of smell on any given day, but last night felt like it was magnified for some reason.
  • went to bed around 10pm and couldn't really get to sleep, and when I did finally fall asleep... I woke up a few times because I could smell stuff! I have skin cream and body powder in my nightstand and woke up because I felt like I was smelling them right under my nose. very very weird.
  • woke up around 6.20am (little late today because of my restless sleep) and really wasn't feeling well. I had some stomach pains that were similar to something I've experienced with excess stomach acid. :( Not nice.
  • took a shower and got ready for work and finally broke my fast at the same time I started yesterday with a handful of cherries and 1/2 piece of multi-grain toast. I had no desire to eat huge or upset my already hurting tummy.
Fast forward to this afternoon, I feel much better. I felt better about 40min after eating so all is good. :) I learned that alot of my eating is just habit, not necessarily because I'm hungry. I will try and listen more to what my body is actually telling me, not just "used to". The jury is still out on whether I would do this again... stay tuned.

It was nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be, in fact right up to 9pm, I was fine.

I weighed in yesterday pre-fast and today just before eating... (-5pounds) which means nothing I know, but still interesting. We'll see what my -1500cal adds up to this week.


Sarah said...

Cath, I'd call that a pretty successful fast - you made it 24 hours! So sorry you didn't feel well and had a tough time sleeping though!

This week, with my second fast, I experienced some of that upset stomach too. I suspect every fast is different.

I'll be anxious to see what difference it makes in your week, weight wise. Next time (if you decide to do it again) we'll definitely have to coordinate and fast on the same day. :-)

Becky said...

I've been reading about ESE for a while now and it scares me. LOL I don't think I can do it. I'd be crying like a baby after 4 hours.

Greenteagirl said...

You're better than me. I only lasted 22 hours! I felt nauseous at about 18 hours. Glad you gave it a try. See how you end up weight wise and decide if you'd want to do it again. I may try it again in the future.

that70sgrl said...

I'll let you know how weigh in goes this week. :)

@Sarah ya- made it, but only JUST barely. LOL Gimme a couple days to get over this one and ponder if I'll do it again. You've done two this week... are you weighing in? :)

@Becky- girl- you have more self-discipline than most... I KNOW you could do this!!

@Julie -glad I tried too. And don't blame you with the 22hours eating... if I hadn't been sleeping I probably would have eaten too!

Thanks the encouragment/ comments ladies! You rock!