Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recalibrating my Polar F6 HRM

After reading on of Becky's posts on how her HRM was acting funky and possibly not accurately recording her calories burned I decided I'd better check out mine.

My HRM is a huge motivator- I like to see the cals I burn during a workout, so better than OVER recording cals burned, let's make sure I've got it right.

Age, sex, weight, height- yup... quite sure I've got these right- LOL
VO2 Max- this is the one I wanted to be sure I had right.
I used the Rockport test for VO2Max which of course isn't as accurate as being plugged into a snorkel with electrodes and graphs but anyway:
Essentially: Walk 1 mile as fast as you can, take your HR immediately after and plug into the calculator here:

Based on this test, My VO2Max is 34, which on the scale is "Good" for my age range. Will be interesting to see what my stats are for the rest of this week as I originally had this set to 36. Hmm...


Becky said...

I am very glad you did this. My readings were higher again today than the last time I did today's workout. Last week, when I had the really super low readings, I'd set the VO2 to 27. Yours looks like it was pretty close to your actual number. I look forward to the results!

that70sgrl said...

All thanks to you!! :) So much more motivating when you see you're zapping more calories huh?
Thanks again!

Merry said...

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