Monday, June 29, 2009

Week of June 22 - Blogger's Block

walked home from work + Treadmill workout
20min 10% incline @ 3.5mph
25min @ 1% incline @5.0mph
- doing all those HIIT sessions has really ramped up my cardio. The only thing holding me back were my feet/ shoes. Haven't ran distance in a really long time. It was good!

Walked to & from work

Wednesday - TT Workout B + HIIT Tabata training X4 sets (same as last week)
HR Max 187/ 153avg

Looks like my calibration of my HRM brought my cals burned only slightly. Not huge enough difference for me to be seriously concerned though.

Thursday- TT Workout A - Elyptical @gym PM
25:26 min
HR Max 170/ 133 avg

Friday- Cardio Day
Tabatas X4
HIIT Sprints 1.5% incline @8.0mph
No stats for today :(

Sat & Sun
Guests in town so did ALOT of walking. Not exactly High Intensity but movement nonetheless.

Link of the week:
None- sorry readers- I had serious blogger's block this week. Lacking motivation in a big way :(
I won't stop working out, but let's just say I'm not feelin' it this week.

I'm hoping to pick it up this week... somehow.


Greenteagirl said...

Sounds like you're having a rough week! It happens sometimes. Maybe you need a few days off to regroup or make some changes to your workout program? Your Twitter fam is here to support you!

Anonymous said...


Mr Funner sez:
No to worry...everyone gets in a rut, has the blahs, doesn't feel it, etc, etc...take a few days off, regroup, relax, meditate,stretch out in a.m/p.m., sing, dance when no one's looking,laugh REALLY loudly in your car when your at a stop light and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT...and hit the ground running WHEN YOU'RE ready.

Remember, with age comes wisdom...and Mr. Funner is very, very wise.

Hasta pronto, Cath!


that70sgrl said...

Thanks for the suggestions/ advice guys! I really appreciate it. Just having an off week I guess. Gonna take it easy this week (or try to anyway) and start up full force on Monday! :)