Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week of June 8 & my "No Excuses mini-vacation"

Monday- TT 2K3 Workout B + Tabata sets X4
slooow movin' workout today! Ugh, Mondays!
HR max188/ 146avg

Tuesday - Kenpo X
HR max 189/ 164avg
Forgot how fun this workout is!

Wed- rest (my hamstrings are still sore from Monday!) I've been doing DB RDL wrong for weeeeeks!! But finally corrected my form :)

Thursday - TT 2K3 workoutA + Sprints 2%incline total 9 sprints (30sec:1.5min) did my fastest sprint EVER 9.5mph! Barely made the 30seconds, but I did it! PHEW! Anyway, that was the first one, the rest I did at 7.3mph which felt like a jog after 9.5mph. LOL!
HR Max 190/ 151avg

Have I mentioned how much I dislike decline push-ups? ouch!

Still workin on my chin-ups. Still @2 reps/ set X3sets. Apparently it's a big jump to 3. :)

Friday- TT 2K3 workoutB + Sprints @2%incline I kicked it up a notch... my base speed is now 8.0mph and it's completely manageable. I threw in a 9.0mph and an 8.5mph just for "fun". NOT! :) but seriously, 7.0mph was just starting to feel like a jog! Which is awesome 'cause when I started TT in April I was only sprinting at 6.2mph! YAY for progress!
HR Max 187/ 151avg

Link of the week: none... :( I'm a bad blogger! With all the last minute details to my mini-vacation with DH, I didn't get around to it!

I will however add my thought of the week here... "Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean there's no room for movement."

We went to the Okanagan (the interior of BC) this weekend and were lucky to have hot, sunny awesome weather, perfect for a dip in the pool & a bike-ride! :) I made sure that I worked in a fun activity for us this weekend. Ended up being a leisurely bike ride through some amazing terrain. Check out the pics!

Had my heart rate monitor on and here are the stats:
2:57hr (stopped a couple times, had some snacks, took some pics)
HR max 144/108 avg

And here's a short vid of DH & me along the trails (yes, I'm very dorky :o) )

So that's my vacation... what are you going to do to make sure you move on your vacation? :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing pics & it takes a dork to know one!
I would love to be riding with beautiful scenery...around here, it's not much to speak about :(

that70sgrl said...

Aww!! :( Yeah, I have to say, BC has some of the best outdoor sports terrain in the world! The Okanagan in particular is huge triathalon territory, we saw lots of hardcores like you goin' up some MONSTER hills! Come ride with us!! :)