Friday, June 19, 2009

Week of June 15 & Inspiration

Monday- off (had to drive back from our mini-vacation) ALOT of sitting!

Tuesday - TT 2K3 workoutB + 4X Killer Tabatas (1min rest between tabatas)
45:40min (moving a little quicker than last week!)
HR Max 191/ 151
I love to hate these tabatas!

Wednesday- Eat Stop Eat Fasting day
I used this day to callibrate my HRM
walking 1 mile as fast as I could + HIIT sprints
Max HR 185/152 avg

That's it!! I cannot lie- I didn't get in any other workouts this week! :/ I let life get in the way, and I got lazy.

Steps to take next week: set goals to track.

Link of the week: Inspiration! - Watch me Shrink (not me, but a vlog blogger on youtube)

Check out this woman's transformation! I was floored! Not to mention mesmerized by her vlog posts on youtube. I litterally almost watched every week. She's funny and smart and totally inspiring! She lost over 40lbs the good old fashioned way- good nutrition (counting the cals), working out and dedication. She's amazing!

Let me know what you think!


Becky said...

Oh no, the "T" word. I haven't done a tabata in ages.

Did you calculate your VO2 with that walk? I'm impressed with the calorie burn from those sprints! Great job.

that70sgrl said...

Yup, sure did calibrate with that walk! :) Don't be too impressed with the cals, when I ran them my VO2 setting was still off! Did you look into TurboJam instructor training yet? ;-) you SHOULD!!

Becky said...

I've looked into and I'm seriously thinking about it. I can do the home instruction, but traveling to the certification would be a problem. And then I'd have to get over my fear and dislike of people LOL

daniel_hautjobb said...

someone got upset at me because i used tabata and fun in the same sentence. need to do them, breaks things up.
inspiration, it could be many things or one thing. right now, i choose support. surrounding yourself with good people who give you positive support, inspires me to be better.

that70sgrl said...

@Daniel- Cheers to that my friend!! Thanks for being part of my support system!