Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week of May 3, 2009 + Nutrition BlogTalkRadio

Wednesday workout- TT original A + HIIT (20min)
HR Max 189
Avg HR 166

HIIT- treadmill
7.0 mph @ 4% incline (last interval @ 8.0mph (this is the fastest I've ever run!!)
30 seconds on 1.5min off
Still think I could have run faster. Will hit it next time.

Thursday- TT Original B + half-assed HIIT on the bike
552 cal
MHR 184
Avg 158
Not the best I could have done today but I was trying to coach someone on the side while doing my workout. Not a big deal, I'm more than happy to do it. Inspiring her to workout more would be better than ANY calorie burned :)
Realised today that I can do HALF A CHIN-UP!!! Holy Hanah! I didn't even think I could do that. Will take the advice of my twitter friends and start working the reverse chin-ups first. COOL!

Friday- HIIT
Treadmill sprints- 7.0mph @5% incline.
Max HR 192
Avg 150
I forgot to turn off my HRM so this isn't accurate. It was only 20min HIIT plus 15 min of AbRipperX

Sunday- TT original A plus 16min HIIT
Max HRM 218?!!
Avg 170
Something went wrong with my monitor here, not sure, but these bpms don't seem right, I'm never up this high.

So this week has been OK. I'm psyched that I got my sis in the gym and about my 0.5chin-up but the scale is pissing me off. I'm obviously not doing something right with the nutrition. Bitter sweet week. That's all I have to say about that.

This week I've been listening to blogtalkradio @work. If you're like me you can multi-task at work, and listening to fitness podcasts on my computer while at work has been great. There are so many great blogs/ people out there just wanting to share info. It's amazing!! Here are the ones I've been listening to this week. (some of these are pretty long- 2hrs!!) But there are LOTS to choose from.

From @sharifitness (on Twitter)
Your Most Burning Nutrition Questions Answered with Sports Nutritionist Marie Spano

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Greenteagirl said...

Wow great week! Definitely try the negative chins. I am not able to do a full chin up yet either but workin on it :). Do you take progress pics? I am finding those to be invaluable to gauge progress. Measurements and scale weight can be off but pics don't lie. Keep up the great work!