Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Sick... snotty... coughy... blaaaaaaaaa.... Thanks DH for the cold. Sigh. Anyway, haven't worked out since last wednesday so decided I HAD to do something today even though I feel pretty gross. This is like the longest cold EVER though. Usually I'm done and over it in 3 days.
Go figure it happens when I start focussing/ blogging/ logging nutrition.
Are you on If not... WHY?! It's the greatest thing since whole grain brown sliced bread! :) I think it's the most comprehensive site I've found so far. The food database is awesome so far and you can log workouts, goals, join groups and challenges etc etc. It's getting my approval for sure. I'm gonna check out the iphone app a little later. Will post comments about that too. The forums are also chalk full of people who want to help and provide lots of great information/ links. Much moreso than sparkpeople. (though I do still greatly value SP and it's "facebook-esque" personalization pages.) Look for me... (my handle is "that70sgrl")
Twitter has been great for leading me to blogs and informational sites that I otherwise wouldn't have found on my own. Good stuff!
On to today's wimpy workout. As expected I'm pretty weak, so I did workout A and just couldn't do my HIIT. Good news is that my nutrition has been pretty good.
See you tomorrow!

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