Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 25 & 26 Rest & CardioX

So yesterday I donated blood and was feeling kind of barfy from the loss of blood and all the sugary stuff I ate afterwards, so i took the day off. It was supposed to be XStretch so I don't feel too guilty. I saved 3 lives yesterday! I deserved the rest :)

Today was CardioX. This workout totally kicked my ass today for some reason. Maybe cause of donating yesterday but I could just not bring my HR down from the 180s. I did all the moves just slower and more methodical, but still, felt exhausted afterwards. But anyway... it's done :)

Another funny thing happened today... when I was in the gym, usually it's only me in the gym and this other guy will come in and overlap in my time there for about 15min... anyway, he came in today and started asking if I did martial arts (he's caught parts of the KenpoX/ Cardio X etc) !! OMG! :) LOL- I kind of laughed and said no, not seriously, then started telling him about P90X. He was pretty interested. He said that I was really fit already and that I always looked like I was intensely working out!! COOL! It was a real motivator somehow. I'm REALLY hard on myself when it comes to my weight / fitness and it's good to see yourself from someone elses' eyes sometimes. We really are our own worst critic. We should all try and be a little nicer to ourselves.

Yoga tomorrow boooooooooo!!!

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