Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Days 34 - 37

Day 34- Should have done KenpoX today, but I wussed out. I was sooo sore from Legs on Friday.

Day 35- Rest Day- should have made up for Kenpo... but I didn't :(

Day 36- Went for a nice long run in the park to switch it up instead of Cardio X

Day 37- CoreSyn- uh oh!!

As you can tell- I'm somehow feeling very unmotivated these days. Couple that with the cleanse I'm doing. No sugar, no wheat and you get what I am right now... uuuuuuuuunmotivated and lacking energy. Generally feeling gross. SIGH... I may take this week easy and start up again when I feel better from the cleanse.

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