Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 20-21 KenpoX & Rest

So we went away this weekend for a winter boarding trip. One loooooooooooong bus ride later we were in winter wonderland. My guy went boarding with our other friends and I chose to RELAX.
AFTER my Kenpo workout that is :) I'm proud to say that I took my laptop with me and did my workout even while we were away. It was a good feeling!
After my workout, I went to get a massage and hang out till the others were done on the hill. I used to board quite a bit, but recently my knees are dodgy, and I would be DEVASTED if I couldn't finish this program because of one day on the hill. I think there comes a point in everyone's life where youth's "superman/ nothing can hurt me" attitude dissapears... mine was lost a while ago. I still love sports, and will take any challenges that come my way, I just won't take un-necessary risks anymore. I'm ok with that.

Sunday was another relaxing day spent reading and then on the bus to get back home. Yay for rest days.

I'll post again later today after I do my yoga workout.

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