Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 18 - Yoga Day

So I'm going to cheat today and actually GO to a power yoga class. This is the one workout that bores me silly! I get frustrated and I KNOW I'm doing half the stuff wrong 'cause I'm just not very bendy. I figure going to a class would be beneficial in a couple ways...
1- I will actually do it
2- I do it right with the help of my yoga teacher
3- makes me not want to whine about having to do yoga. (And THAT is a blessing for everyone reading this ;) )
4- I won't have to dread this part of my path to success :)

Nutrition part is going... OK... just ok. My guy and I have been making all our own meals from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook. GREAT food, we've only had one dud. So that's helped. Breakfast is usually a shake or some organic oatmeal with brown rice milk. Must try to do better here though.

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